The Idea of Blogging and Monetizing

The Idea of Monetizing

The Idea of Monetizing

For many reasons, I was always interested in Earning online. Probably because of the environment I was living in. Since it is bounded and conservative towards women or in other words living in a male dominated Society made me realize that I need to find options to live my life the way i want but without the disturbance or barriers provided by the opposite gender. And it was this basic reason that I started to blog about my life with an anonymous funny name (No longer Available) given to me by my classmate in 2006. I kept on writing and blogging and learning about how worked and realized that i was rather getting passionate about it day by day . Gradually people around me came to know about my blog because i was usually giving the pictures of the University and writing much about the time i was spending there. Surprisingly i was appreciated by many teachers, students and friends who thought it was amazing to do something that other weren’t. Because i was the only Female blogger in my Province who learned about writing online as a Blogger. Many didn’t even knew what a Blog is ! Other were more interested in small status updates at twitter and Facebook. And this is how i first got attracted to Blogging.

With the Passage of time, i kept on making and deleting different blogs and used various blogging platforms like

These were also used for long time but i always felt that nothing compares with wordpress and its user friendly environment towards its consumers. So i continued writing randomly, both publicly and privately (which i still do) about the life that i felt had no meaning to live (It has now). When I got done with my Graduate Degree in Economics. I decided to Stop blogging with this funny name as i was no more an ordinary student. Another reason was that I got a job in the same Institute on Adhoc Basis. So a Professional attitude was one of the requirements of my job to be successful in it. By that time in 2010, I started a public blog for my students and provided information related to Lectures, Notes, assignments and Ebooks that related to the Economics lectures i Provided. It clicked me that it wasn’t as interesting as my other general and personal blog was. I became a permanent faculty member in September 2011 and got indulged in my Professional Career which also meant an almost end to conversational and personal Blogging. Besides ! who cared about personal blogging at that time.

Yet I still publicized and talked about how blog works and how good do you feel when you burst out about whatever you want without bothering about the common urdu phrase of “Loog Kiya Kahayengay !!!” (What would people say). I told many of my students to share anything that they feel worth sharing. I gave lectures during the class timings to motivate the students to learn to read and write blogs about the lectures given to them as many of them were neither interested in reading nor writing. I considered blogging another way of attracting them towards English composition. Because most of them only copy pasted quotations for Facebook status Updates or commented over pictures and videos.

As a result, few tried and it worked well. While for others,  it was a pathetic and useless work to do and they had a perception that discussing yourself was synonymous to insulting yourself in patriarchal Societies. And yes ! There was no doubt that i also stopped blogging in between and felt the same but somehow I was always against this attitude. *Abusing all those who discouraged me for that*

When i felt a little fed up from blogging i moved on to

So I started learning about how Elance tracker and hourly/fixed paid jobs works. Luckily I found a client who was also a lecturer in one of the Universities of Netherlands. He was working over a website which was built for Students to practice and Study various concepts of Economics, Business Management and other mathematical subjects. I was working on the part of Economics. and earned enough to feel great about having $$$ converted to Rupees straight to my Bank Account. Thanks to Elance for this Easy facility and no issue of visiting western union again and again.

Since I was already a Lecturer back at that time in 2012, working 2 jobs became difficult and I felt less committed towards Elancing. So i finally stopped working in elance in 2013 and continued with my regular full time job.

Years passed and I fortunately got married to a man , let me write to a VERY VERY GREAT GREAT GREAT MAN who was not only a caring, loving and sensible Husband but also a Professional Blogger who wrote online and used various tools of earning through those articles. He was the man who motivated me back the life that i always yearned for. It was Reading, Writing, Studying, Learning, Blogging and Earning of whatever i have learned in general and academic in particular. It was his words that got me back to the track of providing Unique information as well as grasping the new products and tools on my own and than sharing them back.

So I started working  and writing over his academic websites and learned how a self-hosted websites can be monetized which off course requires a lot of hard-work, commitment and patience with step-by-step organized procedures to become achieve high traffic and revenue from them.

And now finally, i have started working over my own self-hosted website which is at its infant stage and i will be discussing almost everything that i do with it to make it reach a position of Good, better or No earning and learning at all ! This depends on what this website is destined to be…. A Hero Or a Zero ! 😛

This blog will also be transferred in future to another self-hosted Website but at the moment i don’t mind if is willing to take all the burden of maintaining it free of cost. 🙂




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